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  • Do I have to screen? I am worried about my privacy.
    Yes. There is no exceptions. My well being is top priority & I do not take risks. If you are not willing to screen, I am not willing to meet you. As for your privacy, I am a reputable provider with many reviews that can attest to my good nature & professionalism. Having done research on me before hand you would see that you are in good hands. I can assure you no matter which option you choose that your private data will remain private.
  • Do you accept other forms of screening? (ex linkedin, health card, student card etc)
    No. I only accept the 2 screening options that are mentioned in my form. These options are: 1) Selfie of yourself holding government ID ex CA drivers license & CA passport 2) Selfie of yourself holding sign with my name & current date on it
  • Deposit Details
    - The deposit is apart of your total & is what secures your date/time with me. - If it is our first time meeting I will require 50% of the total as a deposit. - If we have met before then I will require $100 deposit if you're staying 1-2hrs or 50% if you're staying more than 2hrs. - I only accept deposits via email transfer or prepaid vanilla visa gift card (Purchasable at most stores such as Shoppers Drug Mart, gas stations, Walmart etc). I do not accept cash ,cheque, amazon gift cards, pay pal for a deposit. - The deposit would be returned to you on the rare occasion that I would have to cancel. - If you need to cancel or reschedule I will require 48hrs notice minimally or your deposit will be lost. - Last minute cancellations leave a bad impression & will likely result in me not booking with you again.
  • Do I have to send a deposit? I am worried about my privacy & or being scammed.
    Yes. No exceptions. This is a requirement if you are looking to book. If you are not willing to send a deposit then I am not willing to meet you. As for your privacy, I have multiple options that I accept for the deposit. One option, the "pre paid vanilla visa" option which doesnt involve you sending any personal data. As for the fear of this being a scam, please consider that I am a reputable provider with many reviews to attest to my good nature & professionalism. Having done your research on me ahead of time, you will see that you are in good hands.
  • How do I contact/book you?
    In order to contact &/or book with me you will have to fill out my contact form here on my website. Once you have filled that out I should respond to you within same day or 48hrs max.
  • How much notice should I give when booking?
    I would suggest to give 3-5 days notice before the day/time you wish to book. Minimally I ask that you give me 48 hours notice. I'm more likely to be available with more notice.
  • What hours are you available to & from?
    Typically my availability is from 4pm-12am with standard bookings. My personal preference is after 7pm. Overnights multi hr & FMTY or destination bookings would differ.
  • I am only available in the early morning. Can I still see you?
    No. Unfortunately I need to dedicate a particular time each day to cleaning, getting ready, replying to emails etc & the best time for me is when I first wake & my mind is clear. I am available from 4pm-12am for standard bookings.
  • My work schedule makes it hard for me to plan. Can I see you with short notice?
    Sorry but I do not accept last minute bookings & it is extremely rare that I would have any availability last minute. I require minimally 48 hours notice to book & even then I am likely to have limited availability. My suggestion would be to book with 5-7 days notice. You will respectfully have to wait until you are able to plan ahead.
  • I submitted your contact form but I have not heard back yet. What should I do?
    Typically it takes me 24-72 hours to respond. If this amount of time has passed & you still have not heard back then there may be one or more reasons why you haven't: 1) Did not provide screening OR screening did not meet all of the requirements listed. 2) Did not provide proper contact info (ex. spelling error for email or incorrect phone number) 3) Did not fill out multiple portions of the form correctly or filled out portions jokingly not seriously. 4) Was lewd or rude 5) Something you said made me feel uncomfortable (ex. outfit request) When filling out my contact form, please be sure before pressing submit, that there is no spelling errors & all of the information provided meets the requirements listed. Be sure to come across respectful & take the form seriously not jokingly.
  • Do you do outcalls?
    I do not offer outcalls. I do however offer dinner dates, fmty trips, destination trips & of course incalls.
  • ETIQUETTE 101 - What is expected of me on our date?
    1. Arrive on time or a few minutes ahead. Please do not arrive late or it will cut into our time together. 2. Once you arrive, wait to hear back from me before heading up to my door/unit. 3. Money upfront. I typically would suggest once you've gotten your shoes & jacket off to hand me the donation before heading into the washroom to shower (This makes is less awkward for both parties as I count it). 4. Shower. This is required even if you showered earlier at home. Fresh towels, Mens soap, face wash, mouth wash & disposable cups are all provided for you. Please leave all of your personal belongings in the washroom. 5. Boundaries & consent are very important. If you are interested in something specific but are not sure if I allow it please ask. I assure you it wont ruin the moment. Boundary pushing will not be tolerated. You will be made to leave without a refund. Please be respectful. 6. Have fun! Relax & enjoy! My sessions are pressure free when it comes to release & I expect the same courtesy. While a release is typically the goal for most, we cant always guarantee it will happen. I prefer a pressure-less session where we can both enjoy ourselves regardless of the end outcome. Companionship is not just about .. you know.. its also about exploring one another, relaxing together, developing our own chemistry, conversational foreplay etc. 7. Tips are not required but they are accepted & appreciated.
  • What is expected from me leading up to a session?
    1) Plan ahead. Example: plan your travel time so that you can be on time. 2) Check in the day of to confirm you are still coming. 3) Make sure to ask any necessary questions & communicate all of your expectations ahead of time so that there is no suprises. 4) Make a good impression. Don't arrive late. Doing so will cut into your time. If you arrive too early, you will have to wait until at least 5 mins prior to our session.
  • Do you allow outfit requests?
    No. I am highly uncomfortable with requests such as these.
  • Should I bring a gift or tip?
    While it is typically customary, it is not required. Any gifts or tips are always appreciated & would surely make a good impression. I prefer no food & drink as a gift being that I am vegan & a bit untrusting of food/drink gifts. A gift card to a vegan place would be better as an alternative. I would also suggest against scented gifts (perfume,candles etc) unless discussed before hand being that my skin is very sensitive. I have provided a few ideas for gifts on my website if you ever need inspiration.
  • Can I video record?
    Never photograph or take any video without my permission. If caught doing so, I will take legal action to the full extent with the best representation. All of your personal belongings are to be kept in the washroom upon entry including your phone. I have a device that I keep on at all times which detects if there is any devices that are recording in the nearby vicinity. If my device picks up on any recording devices or if I see any attempts to record me you will be asked to leave immediatley as mentioned above I will take legal action.
  • Do you offer any bdsm, fetish or domination in your Gfe sessions?
    Body, foot worship if the only fetish offered. I do not offer any BDSM or domination in my Gfe sessions. I am not submissive & do not allow anyone to dominate me.
  • What acronyms do you offer during a date?
    I am strictly a gfe provider. Acronym availability would be determined by hygiene first & foremost as well as my comfortability with you. I am more open to discussing this privately through email once your screening has been approved.
  • What is your review policy?
    1. Please ask first before writing a review. I only accept reviews on TERB, PERB, LYLA 2. Do not share any of my personal information such as my email, phone number, exact address or unit info in the review or to any forum members asking. 3. Do not respond to people asking what I offer in a date. What I offer varies from person to person & is based of hygiene also. If people ask questions under the review, kindly direct them to my FAQ or encourage them to reach out to me personally to ask. 4. Please try not to be overly vulgar or speak about me as an object. Keep the review short, sweet & not overly detailed.
  • I would like to get to know you before our date. How can I do that?
    Respectfully any communication between us should be limited to planning the details of our session. Any social engagements or small talk past that must be compensated. Please respect that I have a personal life outside of being sw. If you wish to get to know me a bit better, you can always follow me on twitter @luvnikkirose & engage in my tweets.
  • Do you have social media?
    Yes but only Twitter. I do not have any other forms of social media. You can follow me on my Twitter @luvnikkirose I post tour updates, hot media content & my random thoughts on there
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